An A3 publication about how climate change has impacted on our local welsh heritage. Using photos from my family archive to tell the narrative of a specific bridge in Betws y Coed, North Wales. This project aimed to provide a subtle and evocative narrative through manipulated family archival photography about a local area and how it had been affected through climate change. The project is bilingual, to reinforce the relationship of the photographs subject and the area they come from. The photographs are displayed in a way which helps tell the story of how much of an important icon the ‘Miners Bridge’ is/was in North Wales, and how big of an impact the loss of it is.

Below is a video run-through of the entire publication.
Below are some images of the physical copy, as well as some high-res shots of the text seen in the book.
Below are the original photographs from our family archives, photos taken around the year 1963.
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