Last night was the 3rd class in our Art School programme. We explored telling narratives through our still life studies. How can we portray an emotion through our drawings?
We thought about composition as our key indicator this week. Positioning our objects in a selective space to leave the viewer thinking. We tried intensely cropping our image, or leaving lots of negative space. Maybe colour could do the symbolism work for us?
 We had some great explorative illustration work completed, below are some of the final pieces of work and some paraphrased comments about our artists connections to the objects they chose:
Object: Medieval shop sign
Connections: Using the recognisable symbolism of the "red hand" to transform an everyday object into an item of hidden meanings.
Object: Roman shoe sole
Connections: An object that links us to historic people of the past. The "shoe" has lots of representations that transcend across cultures and history. An interesting visual object. The foot.
Object: Roman lamp and holder
Connections: The artist wanted to reimagine what this object would have looked like while used. Giving light back, it's original purpose. Contrasting colours creating warmth.
Object: Victorian Life-cycle box
Connections: A connection with nature. A close-up of the "cycle of life." Enjoying the visual elements of the subject matter.
Object: Gun
Connections: Trying unusual angles to create a sense of intimidation and threat. The result: abstract graphics that create a sense of disorientation.
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