Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging the development process of my classes using reflexive journaling practices. I will document my research processes as well as providing updates on the programme's progress.

Blog 1:
As of this week, I have, so far, attended two meetings to discuss this programme with the curatorial team at the Grosvenor. Following these, immediate practical considerations include reviewing my allocated budget and gathering supplies for the first session. I also need to factor in time to revise my session plans, although I am to keep them as loose frameworks to aid a predominantly self-led class. I am aware that as a creative professional, I can seem intimidating to those who lack confidence in the arts. With this in mind, I want to avoid a teacher-like presence and encourage creativity through independent exploration, using the museum galleries as safe spaces to explore creative skills.
At this stage, challenges I foresee will be identifying my audiences, which may lead to the possibility of modifying later sessions to adhere to these needs. Although I have designed my art classes for adults, specifically those who believe they lack creative confidence, I am unsure as to the specific types of audiences I am reaching. This is also due to the fact that this programme is the first of its kind held here at the Grosvenor post-pandemic, so I have no access to any visitor/participant demographics that I could use to build some prior assumptions. At this stage, I need to remain open-minded and consider how a wide range of backgrounds could respond to my sessions, yet accept that the assumptions I make may be wrong. As such, I aim to complete a set of evaluations as the classes run to keep track of the programme's development. This will help me understand my audiences for future sessions and provide a useful tool for me to present to the curatorial team once the programme is over.
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