Labels, labels and more labels! Today was all about re-labelling the collection boxes in order to keep them consistent and completely up-to-date. The labels are written as such:
"Collection, box, number"
This makes accessing the collections a lot more efficient, with simple and easy to read labels at a glance. The collections are also sorted into units and shelves, which is noted when catalogued. It isn't necessary to add those extra details on the collection box labels themselves.
Whilst down in the collections we took a look in one of the boxes. In this one we handled (very carefully, with clean hands!) a Roman bowl which was excavated from the Kanovium Roman fort site in Caerhun. See here. 
You can see that it was once broken but had been since repaired. We used this as a starting point to discuss the latest software that enables archeologists and historians to digitally reconstruct artefacts that are discovered in-complete.
A sketch from photographs.
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