'Wild October' is a month long challenge created by artist Zoe Keller on Instagram, as an animal-themed alternative to Inktober. Below are a few highlights from my daily contributions and a few extras created with them. Check out my Instagram for all the posts and the animal facts that go along with them.
Day 1 Prompt: 'Things with wings', features a Grey heron in ink and a fictional logo mockup.
Day 2 Prompt: 'Symbiosis', features a Nile Crocodile and Egyptian plover in ink and a fictional logo mockup.
Day 5 Prompt: 'Shed & molt', featuring a blade-horned chameleon in ink.
Day 7 Prompt: 'Misunderstood,' featuring a Vampire bat in ink.
Day 8 Prompt: 'Animals in love,' featuring a family of Silvery gibbon.
Day 10 Prompt: 'Migration,' featuring a colony of fruit bats mid-flight.
Day 15 Prompt: 'In my backyard,' featuring a European badger in ink.
Day 25 Prompt: 'slither & slide,' featuring an emperor penguin sliding across the ice, and a logo made from the original drawing.
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