After working a lot with archived photographs ranging from dates between the late 1800s and the 20th century, I thought it would be nice if some of these black and white images could be seen in colour again.

Using Adobe Photoshop and a lot of primary research, I have used some artistic licence to add colour to a selection of family archived images. More will be added to this collection I'm sure!
The process:

The easiest way I found to do this was to create a new layer on Photoshop over the original image and set the blending mode to 'Multiply' for any man-made objects, and a new layer for organic objects with the blending mode 'overlay.'

I found (as always!) that more layers are for the better, but remember to name them all.
Another tip I would say is that textured brushes go a long way, even though the texture is already provided for you in the black and white. As well as this, remember that everything we see isn't just made up of one colour, try and be as colour comprehensive as you can be.
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