One of the last places I visited before Lockdown was the World Museum Liverpool, on a special trip arranged by Liverpool John Moores University. This trip was to aid us as artists and designers when creating artwork around the themes of Climate Change in order to help us create more informed artwork. 

We went behind the scenes to chat to 3 departments of the museum, had some great chats with the scientists and took some photos too!
Botany Department
Liverpool World Museum hold around 400,000 botanical specimens, and we were shown a few out on display. Looking specifically at locally sourced marine plants, which had been dried, treated and displayed on mounting board. These specimens were being used as a good indicator on water quality and temperature of the river Mersey.
Vertebrate Department
In the vertebrate department, we spoke to the curator about declining British bird species and the recent mass event in Australia where hundreds of fruit-bats dropped from the trees due to Global Warming. The museum collection holds around 300 mounted specimens, which we were lucky to see on display in the collection.

Entomology Department
Final department visit was the Entomology department, where we discussed invasive insects and arachnid numbers that have been increasing over recent years, as well as species like the native Snowdon Beetle which has been declining, also likely due to Global Warming.

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